Javier Pérez Sandoval

Javier Pérez Sandoval

DPhil in Politics

University of Oxford

I recently concluded my DPhil in Politics as a member of the DPIR and Wolfson College. Before the DPhil, I completed a Master in Comparative Government also at Wolfson and the DPIR. Before coming to Oxford, I worked as a Junior Financial Manager at the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología. I earned my BA in Politics and Public Administration from Universidad Iberoamericana and I also earned a Research Methods Diploma from UNAM, both back in Mexico City.

I am passionate about regime change, subnational politics, presidentialism, and the dynamics linking socio-economic development and politics. My research aims to strengthen our understanding of subnational regime variation across Latin America and beyond.

Methods wise I’m an advocate for ‘theory-grounded eclecticism’. I strongly believe that quantitative literacy is fundamental and that at the core of every ‘useful model’ lies robust historical and case-specific knowledge. In learning and teaching CHA and ‘metrics, I encourage a hands-on and problem solving approach.

At Oxford I work as a Stipendiary Lecturer in Pembroke College. I’ve also worked as a statistics GTA, and tutor for the Latin American Politics undergrad paper at the university. In the UK I’ve also worked as an Associate Lecturer at the Oxford Brookes University for a similar course.

I have a broad interest for the politics of the ‘developing world’ and a keen interest in Latin America, specifically in Argentinian, Brazilian and Mexican political dynamics.

I enjoy working out, swimming and long walks. I’m also a Stacraft 2 fan, and a sci-fi, coffee and cinema aficionado.

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  • Regime Change
  • Subnational Politics
  • Latin American Politics


  • DPhil in Politics, 2021

    University of Oxford

  • MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government), 2017

    University of Oxford

  • BA in Political Science and Public Administration, 2013

    Universidad Iberoamericana (CDMX)